The stories behind the zodiac signs are thrilling and insightful. After reading those do you crave more? Others are right along with you. Authors have taken the backgrounds that have been set up by the zodiac signs and have written stories and novels. These stories take the personalities of the signs and apply them to their characters. Each has its unique take on how they would behave. Here are some with the best reviews.



Romina Russell wrote the novel Zodiac. In this world, there were thirteen houses in this zodiac galaxy. In one house is a sixteen-year-old girl that will have to step up and be a leader. She is not the typical book smart girl like the others in her school. Instead of having her head in a book, she likes to watch the skies. This comes in handy when weird weather begins to happen. She will have to figure out what or who is harming the galaxy to save them all. One reader said, “Ooh this one was good! Awesome world building. Great concept. Exciting.” This is only the first book in the series there are four of them for you to devour.


The Secrets of Zodiac Academy

The Secrets of Zodiac Academy is a story written on wattpad. The author goes by the screen name ThatOneGirl083. She writes a very original story based on the zodiac signs. There is a school called the Zodiac Academy. A girl, Taurus, comes into the school in the middle of the year. Her worries about fitting in with the other students are overshadowed by the fact that they must now save the world. It has received some fantastic reviews. @CampFangirls said, “Thanks for creating this masterpiece; I really enjoyed my time reading this!”


 The Star Thief

Lindsey Becker is the author of The Star Thief. One reviewer said, “I am an adult. I have found it incredibly captivating. This adventure, with a refreshing, youthful female lead, is unpredictable and eloquently written without being pretentious.” The constellations come alive in this book,  literally. A young maid follows a girl with wings and is pushed into a conflict. The constellation versus those that wish to steal their powers away. This book is bound to entertain those of all ages, a book the whole family can enjoy.


Royalty of the Stars

Another intriguing story Royalty of the Stars is also found on wattpad. The story was written by an author that goes by the screen name TheDerpDuo. In this world, each of the zodiac signs represents a different county. They are the princes and princesses of those countries. As a way to unite these countries, their elders have decided that they need to marry. Can you imagine all those personalities trying to make things work? How will it end? Will they find their matches or will they be able to escape their fates?


Dive into the different worlds created by all of these talented authors. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.



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