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  • Coronavirus Astrology Update

    The superior conjunction of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto right at the apex of the natural Zodiac is very telling. The virus is now reaching a peak. The post Coronavirus Astrology Update appeared first on

  • Aries 2021 Yearly Horoscope Forecast

    Aries 2021 Overview After months of things seemingly going backwards, your ruler, Mars is now moving into direct motion. You have a lot more confidence as the New Year starts. Your physical energy and drive are notable. You have a new lease on life. The other reason for this is its powerful transit […]

  • Astrology, Planetary Cycles and Tips for Success

    Ways of effectively planning for success “Super successful people understand clearly that success is subject to universal laws. Planning and correct execution of those plans is the cornerstone of success.” What are those laws of success? How can astrology and studying your horoscope help you to […]

  • October 2020 Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus

    Introduction to the Halloween blue Moon of October 31, 2020 The buzzword now both astronomically and astrologically seems to be this month’s Halloween Full Moon. But what does this mean? How does it differ from other phases of the Moon and what is the effect of it on you, me and everyone else? […]

  • Changing Your Luck With Gemstones And Crystals

    Gemstones- An  Introduction                 Throughout history, those tiny fragments of heaven known as gemstones have attracted people of all races and creeds. It’s not just for their cosmetic value. Changing your luck with gemstones and crystals is a fine art. Astrology is […]

  • Karma, Mercury and retrograde planets

    Mercury goes into its retrograde motion today, October 14, 2020. Understanding karma, Mercury and retrograde planets is an important astrological study. We’ve all heard about Mercury retrograde on the grapevine. Is it as bad as what they say? Karma and retrograde planets There are some writers […]

  • The 2020 US Presidential Election Debate.

    The human race has arrived in the  21st century. Here we are, in the midst of one of this species’ and planet’s greatest historical crises and turning points. {Slamming brakes on hard} Coincidentally, the ‘leader’ of the most ‘powerful’ country on earth is about to be elected or […]

  • Human Bio-magnetic Pollution and Coronavirus

    Coronavirus: How your thoughts and feelings affect the environment – Dadhichi Toth – Founder and CEO, I’m hearing so many interesting perspectives. There are convincing arguments on both sides of the coronavirus debate.  This article is about human Bio-magnetic pollution and […]

  • Your Current Karma: Fear, Astrology and How the...

    Are you afraid, fearful of what’s happening at the moment? All the signals in the news prompt you to be terrified. The covid situation is catastrophic, the United States is now in the midst of another election, economies are faltering and life seems to be getting difficult for many people […]

  • The Astrological Significance of Mother

    The month of May is generally dedicated to honouring mothers worldwide. The post The Astrological Significance of Mother appeared first on


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