Psychic Readings

Let’s explore the differences between online psychic reading and psychic phone reading.

Pyschic Phone Readings

This is a relatively old method; the real psychic reading by phone usually begins with an appointed time for the duration which you have purchased.

On average, it would last for 30 minutes. It usually begins with the psychic asking personal details like the caller’s name, birth date, etc. Then the caller can proceed with the questions, usually, five questions can be asked in a 30-minute call on broad topics like love marriage reading. Most people feel comfortable speaking on the phone and that’s why they prefer psychic readings over the phone.

Also, you can get answers immediately in case of a phone reading, unlike email reading which usually takes 24 to 48 business hours (sometimes 72 hours) to get answers. Research indicates that people feel more comfortable expressing their feelings verbally, hence psychic readings over the phone still account for more than 80% of psychic readings every year. It also offers a certain level of privacy and protects your identity. At the same time, it also exposes you to fraud since the identity of the psychic also remains protected. There are some companies running psychic phone reading call centers catering thousands of customers every day. Although not all of them are frauds, getting an accurate and more personalized reading is impossible in this case.

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Online Psychic Reading

Online psychic reading can be further divided into email, chatting and video conference readings. Email and chatting are the most popular method, and while some psychics offer video call readings, they are not very popular. The major concern with email reading is that you get answers after 24 to 48 business hours. Although online chatting can provide immediate answers, you need considerable typing speed to keep up with the readings. The best option for an online psychic reading depends largely on the individual and their needs.

Many psychics who lack the knack for writing avoid providing an online psychic reading. But those who prefer privacy and want to communicate on delicate topics, like love marriage reading, prefer these methods. In terms of cost, all methods are relatively expensive with little or no difference. However, chances of fraud are highest in the case of online psychic reading compared to any other type of reading. In 90% cases, people might be chatting or emailing with all but a scammer telling them about their personal life. Many incidents are reported every day where someone is scammed under the pretext of offering best online reading for a fair price.

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